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Surgical Extractions


Extracting a non-restorable tooth or broken root is most of the time the first surgical step of the treatment plan for rehabilitating patients with dental implants. Moreover, surgical removal of mandibular wisdom teeth is many times necessary and one of the most common procedures in oral surgery, as impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth can cause several problems like localized infections, decay, development of cysts etc. The atraumatic extraction is a procedure that requires knowledge, experience and skill on the part of the clinician, as it incorporates the principles of surgery and many principles from physics and mechanics. Tooth extractions can be a real challenge for the dentist and it is of great importance this procedure to be carried out in a successful, gentle and minimally invasive way in order to minimize the discomfort and anxiety of the patients, and to avoid or reduce the incidence of any complications.

Dr. Leventis, holding an MSc and a PhD in Oral Surgery, and having a wide clinical experience, academic teaching and research background in this field can thoroughly evaluate any simple or complicated extraction case and provide the optimal assessment and treatment for all extraction cases of his patients. 


Testimonials from Patients

" After avoiding the dentist for a long time a visit to Minas has restored my confidence. Wisdom extraction expertly performed with minimal pain. You’re definitely in safe hands. Highly recommended. "

James, Wisdom Teeth Extraction patient



" I found Minas friendly. He put me at ease, showed immense confidence and was very professional. My wisdom teeth extractions were completed in one visit with no bruising, minimum swelling and caused less discomfort than a filling at my local practice who refused to do the work saying it was too complicated. "

Elaine, Wisdom Teeth Extraction patient

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