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Dr Peter Fairbairn

Dr Peter Fairbairn


BDS University of Witwatersrand 1981

GDC No. 58047

Dr Peter JM Fairbairn has been the principal Dental Surgeon at the Scarsdale Dental Clinic since 1989, having been at the forefront of placing and restoring dental implants since 1991. With a long history of care at the Clinic, he is also a Visiting Professor at the Detroit Mercy University, School of Dentistry, USA and has successfully placed many thousands of dental implants along with over 5,000 bone grafts. 


Dr Fairbairn is a global expert on bone regeneration, with extensive published research in materials and surgical protocols for bone repair without the use of donor animal and human products. These breakthroughs have not only enabled the patients to have their own host healing for the restoration of the bone needed for dental implants but have also provided patients with a more ethical alternative. He has been working on the protocols and developing new materials for the last 16 years, and is now invited globally to speak on the topic at conferences and universities in over 30 countries. In addition to holding the position of Director of Education of the ADI (UK), Dr Fairbairn is a past president of the London Dental Fellowship and has written many published articles and chapters in two best-selling books on Dentistry.



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